12/12/12 Sale


Ok, we’re officially weird. We want to have Brew City 12/12/12 Sale. We scoured our product line to see what type of sale we could have that would actually work. We found something, although it’s not the most normal sale.

We are selling Beer Pouch sweatshirts faster than we can stock them, pack them, and ship them back out the door….EXCEPT for one thing…SMALLS!  We must have over-ordered Beer Pouches in size Small for the Holiday Season. So, what can we actually do about it?



Starting tomorrow morning, 12/12/12, at about 6am CST, our Beer Pouches in size Small will be discounted to $12.00ea. Our Smalls are technically a 32-34 chest size, 60% Cotton/40% Polyester, Pre-Shrunk. (M 36-38; L 40-42; XL 44-46; XXL 48-50). So, we realize that they’re not for everyone! But, if you know someone who is size Small, and you’re interested in a Beer Pouch Sweatshirt, this 12/12/12/$12 Sale is for you!

Frank / Brew City Brand

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