Brew City at the Milwaukee Public Market


We are in the final stages of planning the Grand Opening of our new space at the Milwaukee Public Market. As a team, we haven’t been this excited about a retail venture in years! There will be new designs, new products, new displays, and a new business plan–built around busy market traffic.

“It was a tough decision to stick to,” said co-owner Frank Keppler. “Our vision was to create menu boards with t-shirt designs on them, all hanging above the display.” This runs against the normal “touch and feel” model, where customers come into the space and shop it like a traditional apparel store. “We pictured a busy market customer, on lunch, with a bottled water in one hand, racing across the market for their favorite food. We didn’t want that person to have to put their water down, bend down and dig for a t-shirt in the right size.”

“Trust me, it would have been a lot easier to hang some shirts on the walls, bring in a few dress forms and tables to fold shirts on, and open!” said co-owner George Keppler. “We made the process a lot harder on ourselves, but I think it creates a more dignified atmosphere for our customers.”

However, our scheuduled November 1st opening date kept being pushed back, as the buildout needed constant revisions. “The Public Market officials have been gracious, helpful and amazing,” said Frank. “I asked them cautiously if any tenant had been evicted before they even opened.”

The deli-style boutique is schedule to open this Friday, November 18, with additional displays and products being added over the weekend, leading up to Black Friday. Be ready for huge Brew City 25th Anniversary event.

“We are currently printing t-shirts that will be given out for free to the first 250 people to come to our new market kiosk at a specific time next week,” said founder Richard Keppler. “So, come and see us at the market!”

Frank / Brew City Brand

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