Milwaukee Art Press

Last Fall, we began talking about the beauty of hand-made prints. Our t-shirts are printed in-house on both manual and automatic presses, and the colors are separated mostly as spot colors, much like Andy Warhol pop art prints. We realized that we could create dynamic poster prints, if we simply kept the paper and inks around.

So, we created Art Project #7446 so that each designer in our company would produce one original Milwaukee print. The guidelines were:  17″ x 23″ art area, 3 colors maximum, and the design had to represent Milwaukee in a contemporary way.

We then refurbished our nostalgic “one-arm bandit” press, which is a poster table with a reverse air-hockey function, where it sucks the paper down, insuring that the paper doesn’t slide while the manual squeegee slides across it, pushing ink through the screen.

At Gallery Night on Friday, we are formally announcing our Milwaukee Art Press division, where we will continue to devote time and resources to release collectible Milwaukee serigraphs. “I’ve wanted to do this for years, but t-shirt projects demand the majority of our time. When I saw the great art that was created for the #7446 project, I was determined to find the press time,” said owner Frank Keppler.

Boris Pelcer created a vertical cityscape, where the word “Milwaukee” overprints the other colors, creating a wet ink effect in Lake Michigan.

Chris MacDonald is creating a highly ambitious Hometown Print, illustrating a stylized overhead Milwaukee map which highlightes cool neighborhoods, architecture and even people.

Alan Lepkowski created a collage of found art, photographs, designs, and typography from around Milwaukee. There is a large “MKE” in the middle, which runs vertically down the image, overprinting the art around it.

Wilmer Kenney loosely rendered seven separate water scenes around Milwaukee and arranged them in a vertical format. Everything from the Riverwalk to Lake Michigan was featured. He titled the print, “Gathering at the Waters.”

Owner Frank Keppler combined four separate sketchbook pages into one illustration. “I hand sketched a cityscape, but very roughly and out of proportion, combined it with a Superman-style ‘Milwaukee,’ added a Hoan Bridge that I drew a few years ago, and finished it with a crazy bird in the upper left hand corner. I call it ‘Milwaukee Overglow.'”

Come to Gallery Night at our Brew City warehouse, located at 240 North Milwaukee Street, Suite #201, from 7:30-9:00pm. You can call Frank Keppler at 414-378-7185 if you have any questions, or e-mail him at

We’ll be featuring Frank’s limited edition print, in a run of 50. He will sign the prints, and you can see the last color printed live on our nostalgic serigraph press.

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