Great Place on a Great Lake!

We have been working with Visit Milwaukee to do something that we think is extraordinary. Back in the 80’s, Milwaukee’s tourist tagline was, “Milwaukee: Great Place on a Great Lake.” Splashed above the tagline was a hand-painted “M” in the image of a wave of water. We always loved the logo, yet it was retired around 1993 to make room for newer and more integrated marketing efforts.

However, Brew City is working with the progressive minds at Visit Milwaukee to re-release the vintage logo. “We have created a small line of products that pay homage to the design, while using our most advanced cut-and-sew apparel, softest inks, and art techniques,” says owner George Keppler, who worked directly with Visit Milwaukee to develop the line.

“We love to create products that spark strong memories. When people see the logo, I think they’ll remember it right away. Products with this logomark haven’t been available to the public for almost 20 years.” said Frank Keppler, “I really want people to sense the history, when they touch and feel the products.”

The Great Place on a Great Lake line will be released in early March, with additional products scheduled throughout the year. A percentage of all sales will go back to Visit Milwaukee.

You can pre-order the vintage shirt shown above on our website, at, or by going to Brew City at Grand Avenue Mall. More retailers will begin to carry the line, as well.

For wholesale information, you can reach George Keppler at 414-226-2244, or through his e-mail at

Frank / Brew City Brand

1 Response to “Great Place on a Great Lake!”

  1. 1 Phil Belair September 11, 2013 at 8:54 pm

    The logo was designed and the tagline was developed by the late Jack White of JWD Design while he was President of the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design as a contest submission for the Greater Milwaukee Visitors and Conventions Bureau. It was Federally trademarked in 1987.

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