Brew City Gallery Night!

Hey, we’re on the map! For the first time, we at Brew City Brand will have an official Third Ward flag in front of the 240 N. Milwaukee building for Gallery Night!

We will be featuring a brand new Brew City t-shirt showing a painting of the Milwaukee Art Museum. However, there is “one more thing:”  the illustration was created entirely on an iPhone, using the Brushes application.

“I saw some of the paintings that other artists were doing on the iPhone, and I really wanted to try something. My first dozen attempts were pretty bad, as I had a tough time getting enough detail into the paintings. However, once I focused a little more, things started looking better. The Milwaukee Art Museum piece was a favorite of mine, especially because it gave me a chance to brighten up our gray Milwaukee winter sky to blue, if just for a minute,” says Frank Keppler.

Brew City will be printing the shirt live, from 6:00-10:00pm, and will be giving out Free t-shirts (while supplies last), as they come off the press. “Each print will be unique, as we moved the design to one of our manual presses,” said printer Sue Ullenburg.

Brew City will also have some food available, and have hosts on hand to give you a small tour of their warehouse. If you have any questions, you can call Will Boucher at 414-336-7178 on Friday, and he’ll fill you in.

We’d love to see you there!

Brew City Brand

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