Brew City T-shirt Sale!

Everyone needs a little bear hug this year (in the form of a totally affordable stocking stuffer)!

So, in conjunction with the Milwaukee Public Market, we are having a huge t-shirt sale.  On Saturday, November 28, from 10am-2pm, Brew City Brand Apparel will set up in the market’s 2nd floor Palm Garden, and sell some of our overruns over the past couple of years.  You’ll find everything from quirky gems and fashion blanks to slight misprints.

Our pricing will be amazing, as we would like to liquidate some merchandise, and make necessary room in our warehouse for 2010.  The pricing will be as follows:

1 shirt for $5.00 / 3 shirts for $10 / 10 shirts for $20 / 30 shirts for $30

Come join us at the Milwaukee Public Market on Saturday, November 28, and let’s have some Holiday Cheer together.  You can e-mail me with any comments or questions at, or call us at 1-800-291-1144.

Frank / Brew City Brand

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