When in Milwaukee…


The concept of creating products and apparel around a city theme wasn’t revolutionary in 1986, when we started. We won’t be winning a Nobel Peace Prize for our Milwaukee County Jail shirts. Heck, we’d even take a Best of Milwaukee mention here or there.

However, we believe that our approach is quite unique.

1. When you travel to another city, have you ever seen locals in a “touristy” store?…buying products?…for themselves?

2. Can you purchase authentic products from that city, made within the city limits? Or are the designs the same, in every city’s airport?

3. How many other toursist destination stores create true profit solely from their local apparel (ie  not magazines, candy, coffee, corporate sponsorships…or, a college or sports team)?

4. How many of you would show up at the bar, to meet your friends, wearing a shirt with your city’s name on it, (again, not with a college, or sports affiliation) and still feel hip?

5. When can you actually learn about the city  you’ve traveled to, by simply looking at the products (ie “Oh, I had no idea Toronto was in Canada!”)?

Well, this is the approach we take. We want our Milwaukee shirts to be so cool, you had no idea people thought this way, or invested their time this way, or could have a touristy store with actual local fashion embedded within…or that you simply had to wear one.

This is what we’ve been doing, since 1986. From Cryptosporidium bottled water, to County Jail shirts, to Love Rocks in a zip-lock bag, to County Stadium dirt, Westallica shirts, Bubbler wear, micro-brewed Milwaukee beers, Don’t Whack our Wiener shirts, Beer Pouch Sweatshirts, Bottlecap hats, originally designed and personally licensed Miller apparel, and everything we might think up next.

So, the next time you’re traveling, we dare you to compare our Brew City home-brewed products to those from any other city in the world. You might long for the western shores of Lake Michigan, at sunset!

Am I any closer to the Nobel Peace Prize?

frank / brewcitybrand

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