A Brand called Milwaukee


Milwaukee Track Jacket

Milwaukee Track Jacket

Our goal, since our first day in business, back in June of 1986, was to help promote Milwaukee. Well, with trends like funny beer shirts, fashion apparel, and crazy owners like us, it’s easy to forget why we’re here. Earlier this year, I asked our design staff (myself included) to create designs using ONLY the word “Milwaukee”—no funny jokes, no beer, no brats, no bowling—just the name of our great city. The results were excellent, and at times stunning. This design, created by Boris Pelcer, merges the “M” of our German beer heritage of the past, with abstract and architectural contemporary lettering underneath, all of which spell out a sophisticated “Milwaukee.”

We then chose a charcoal American Apparel track jacket, and with vintage ink colors of gray and lime green, we emblazoned the front for a rather bold graphic statement. This is where we like to go, using the limits of our creative imagination to visually depict Milwaukee in an intellectual and emotional way. Do beer shirts sell faster? Of course! But, once in a while, it sure feels great to appeal to a higher power.

Frank / Brew City Brand


2 Responses to “A Brand called Milwaukee”

  1. 1 spreenkler December 2, 2008 at 9:38 am

    Frank, a couple weeks before you were to speak at Spreenkler I stopped at your store in the Grand to pick up a beer shirt and stumbled across this jacket. Immediately bought it. Love it. Have never received more compliments on any other jacket I have. What makes the jacket even better is that there is an awesome design on the inside too. You and your team do great work and are truly creative and extremely talented. Even more, you’ve been dedicated to Milwaukee for so long. Keep up the great work of today and your eye on the future!

  2. 2 hillary December 4, 2008 at 6:35 pm

    It is a truly great looking jacket.

    Steve also looks hot in it, which helps.

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