Beer Pouch Mania!


Beer Pouch Sweatshirt
Beer Pouch Sweatshirt
Yes, we knew the product was fun and unique, yet still strange and a bit edgy. However, since creating a small Google ad-word campaign around our patented Beer Pouch® sweatshirt, we can’t keep them in stock. George Keppler, inventor of the sweatshirt, says that it’s just good timing. “We wanted to create something unique, at a great price-point. We also wanted our customers to have a good laugh–that, ‘Ah-ha’ moment– when the hands-free beer holder connection was made.”
“We just received 5,500 units, and only about 250 are left un-spoken for,” George added.
The Beer Pouch Sweatshirt sells for $38.99 printed and $36.99 blank. In July, we added Chocolate Brown and Charcoal Gray colors, to expand the palette from Sport Gray. We hope to have stock all the way through the Holiday season, but we clearly underestimated the demand. You can reach George Keppler for comment at
Frank / Brew City Brand

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