Brew City Gets “Geek Briefed!”

When video podcasts began being distributed through iTunes, I downloaded a few I thought would be most fun and useful to watch. My favorite quickly became Geek Brief, hosted by Cali Lewis. She was down to earth, and had great technical hints on Apple products. One thing I loved about her podcasts was that she wore cool t-shirts!  I thought that it would be fun to send her some of our latest designs. She gave me her address through an e-mail and I shipped them off.

Next thing I know, she was wearing a Brew City shirt on her latest podcast. I kind of went numb, because I didn’t expect her to just throw our shirts on, but she did. At the end of the podcast, she credited us, and put a link on her site. For the record, gets a few more hits/day than us, (probably by about 100,000 times), so I was a bit humbled. Over the next few weeks, I continued seeing our shirts show up in her podcasts.

Well, last Sunday, July 27, I had the honor of meeting Cali Lewis and her husband Neal Campbell at an “Emergency BBQ” for some friends who supported her in the early days, in Deerfield, North Chicago. I brought my whole family down, and we got a bit messy on BBQ and jumbo chocolate sundaes. She filmed the intro of her 400th podcast live at the BBQ, and it was a lot of fun.

Cali and Neal are an incredibly hard-working couple, allowing their podcast to lead them on life journeys together. I was struck with how friendly and humble they both remain, and how those around them were treated like extended family members. What a joy, and a lesson for how touching a “personal brand” can be.

Check out her podcast at, and maybe see a Brew City shirt, too!

Frank/Brew City Brand Apparel

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