Brew City Newsletter #1

Between June 26-July 6, we were exhibiting our newest shirts at Milwaukee’s Summerfest on the lakefront. We hope you had a chance to see our designs, as we created over 60 brand new shirts, especially for the Summer season. If you didn’t, they are available and active on our website at

Now, we are radically changing gears and preparing for our booth at one of the world’s largest apparel shows–MAGIC Las Vegas–from August 25-27. By the time we get there, we’ll have almost 300 new designs to add to our line. We will be meeting with retailers like Urban Outfitters, Delia’s, Nordstrom, Spencer Gifts and BonTon stores. One of our challenges is that we design for both Men’s and Juniors, both licensed and non-licensed markets. Our licenses include:  Miller, Phillips 66, Trojan condoms, Carmex Lip Balm, Hatch Show Print, Chia Pet, and The Clapper. We go through a rigorous process of concept, design, merchandising, and revision, before final approvals and in-house apparel sampling can occur. We will keep you updated as soon as our new styles are available online.

Well, that’s it for now, and we hope to keep you updated on our newest ideas in the future. You can always reach me at:

Frank/Brew City Brand Apparel

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