Brew City Newsletter #2

For Fall 2008, we have made a bold move! Over the past few years, we have been noticing that our designs have split into two distinct categories: our signature rebellious beer gear, and our more artistic designs. In order to help these designs to stand on their own, we have developed a new brand name called Frank & Marie’s.

The logomark represents the restaurant our grandparents founded in Chicago. They were fiercely innovative as restauranteurs, inventing many techniques still used in major companies today. They were featured on the cover of Life Magazine, as one of the most innovative entrepreneurs in the country, with people like Jimmy Hoffa and George Hallas eating there regularly. 

We have reproduced the exact logomark from their china, and have developed our new apparel brand with a never-ending commitment to innovation and experimentation. We can’t wait to unleash it on the world in Las Vegas in a month.

Frank/Brew City Brand Apparel

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